A selection of testimonials kindly provided by previous building work clients.

I consider Liam and his team to be a hardworking body of workers that I can happily recommend. Liam is a very hardworking person in the matter of building and repair work. He communicates openly about the work he undertakes and likes to clearly explain what he considers needs doing. Both his competency and his enjoyment for each job are obvious when you see him at work.
Coachouse Construction have all the equipment immediately at hand that they need for any job, big or small thus ensuring an effective and efficient use of their time. It eliminates any need for the costly hiring of equipment. I have found Liam to be an excellent organiser and reliable with his appointments and work schedule. He is good at solving problems and is an approachable and caring person. I would not hesitate to use him again and can highly recommend Coachouse Construction.

Elizabeth Rodway G.N.S.M., L.R.A.M., P.G.C.E.

Coachouse Construction has undertaken a range of work at my home (a larger Victorian semi) involving external drainage, landscaping (including pond construction, garden walls, paving and brick outbuilding) and partial cellar conversion (extension, general steelwork, drainage and concrete base).
I have found them to be entirely reliable and trustworthy. Coachouse Construction took a genuine interest in the work and used their experience and network of contacts for my benefit.
There are inevitable risks and uncertainties in undertaking work on an older building and, whereas many builders will resist providing a fixed price quotation, Coachouse is prepared to do this. Furthermore, they delivered their promises and this was achieved by not cutting corners or compromising quality.

Geoffrey Horley

Having moved from Manchester to Angus in Scotland to build my own house, I decided the best plan was to use local tradesmen for the groundwork. It was January 2007 and it rained, constantly. The situation wasn’t helped when the builders on a site up the road decided to pump all their surface water onto my land. The building plot was knee deep in mud, but due to the conditions of sale, I had to start it quickly. The local groundwork companies that bothered to keep appointments took one look, laughed, and said I would have to wait till summer. There was no way they would dig the foundations in such conditions.
In desperation I contacted Coachouse Construction back in Manchester and explained the situation. They agreed to travel the 300 miles and do the work. Where other ground workers had looked and sniggered, they took one look and said, “We’ll take care of it.”
The rain continued, all outside work stopped everywhere, but Coachouse Construction worked on - undaunted and happy. They marked out and dug the foundations and laid the concrete, starting work early and finishing late. Of course, being January the days were short, so much of the work was carried out in the dark.
They then returned a few weeks later to lay the concrete for the ground floors. Then returned for a third time when the house was almost complete to lay the drains and connect them to the main sewer. This sewer was over 4m deep with a constant flow of foul waste. Coachouse Construction carried on with the same never-ending optimism.
I honestly don’t believe there’s a problem Coachouse Construction couldn’t get over. Where others admit defeat, they carry on and get the job done.
The house was finished in time and on budget, thanks in no small part to Coachouse Contruction’s efforts.

Jason Whitehead (Joiner) Monikie, Angus, Scotland

I have known Coachouse Construction since I initially engaged them on a landscaping job in 2001. They impressed me immediately with their creative ideas and determination to do a good job. They would always consult with us at every stage of the project and frequently suggested ways in which we could reduce costs.
At the time we were also renovating a large Victorian house, which required partial demolition and a great deal of remedial work.
Coachouse Construction are always as good as their word. They are punctual and reliable. In a trade that can be stressful for clients they always put the needs of the client first. At all times they provide a fair price for the job.
Last year we engaged Coachouse Construction to manage the demolition of our garage and subsequent building of a detached house. They did most of the groundwork including the construction of a heavily underpinned raft. They supervised and provided all the trades as well as liaising with Trafford Borough Control and the architect. They got us through some pretty dark periods when the site was subject to losses as a result of theft.
We are thrilled with the project and Coachouse Construction rightly takes great pride in the finished building. Everyone is staggered at the transformation. Many of the finishing touches were suggested by Coachouse Construction. They have a very sympathetic eye for detail.
I cannot recommend them highly enough should you wish to undertake a building project of any size.

Greg Barnes

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